13 Apr 2017
Chock full of American hops, this Double IPA is a blend of huge aroma, with a resinous yet tropical flavour and a huge but balanced bitterness. Honey-orange in colour, and with rising fruit flavours on the palate. The Chief demands respect, and will have your full attention from the first sip to the last satisfying drop.
​Join us during Nottingham Craft Beer Week as we take up residency at The Lion in Basford, between Thur 22nd and Sun 25th June. Pouring no fewer than TWELVE different beers, on both cask and keg. Our very own Matt will be on hand on the Thursday to bend the ear of anyone who likes chatting beer (that’s you right?). We will feature on bars across town throughout the beer week celebration, but The Lion will be the only place you’ll get specials The Long Weekend, and More Tea Vicar. Full Beer List: Mary Jane (cask) Summer (cask) Ruby Jane (cask) Spring (cask) Pale (cask) Olicana (cask) Long...
more info | event date: 22 Jun 2017
​Check out our latest Events Poster for June - including Tap Takeovers as part of Nottingham Beer Week and Manchester Beer Week. For specific info on particular events, check out or Facebook events pages and on our homepage.
more info | event date: 13 Jun 2017
02 May 2017
​A collaboration with our friends at North Brewing Co - Napoleon’s troops described Berliner Weisse as “The Champagne of the North” as they advanced through Europe. Inspired by the strong brewing traditions of our region, and plans by Ferment beer magazine for a road trip around the UK, we decided to get our breweries together to create something celebratory. We’ve long been... more
“One of the UK's finest”
Financial Times Weekend Magazine
There has been lots of talk of late about cask beer, about margins, about brewer’s trust of those serving their beer (incidentally, a one-stop-shop for a lot of the blogs surrounding “#caskgate” can be found here). Well this isn’t one of those posts, it’s more about trust and focus on quality at every step of the process. I was reminded at the end of last year, that it was 5 years since we first kegged our beer. At the time, in all honesty, we didn’t give our... more