02 May 2017

Bonaparte: Ilkley x North Brewing Collab

​A collaboration with our friends at North Brewing Co - Napoleon’s troops described Berliner Weisse as “The Champagne of the North” as they advanced through Europe. Inspired by the strong brewing traditions of our region, and plans by Ferment beer magazine for a road trip around the UK, we decided to get our breweries together to create something celebratory. 

We’ve long been friends. We’ve always enjoyed each other’s beers. We’ve even worked together in the early days of North Bar, before either brewery was but a twinkle in anyone’s eye! And so the opportunity to work together to make a beer really was an easy decision to make!

Andy (Ilkley) and Seb (North) were adamant that this should be no ordinary beer and no ordinary brew day. Indeed it would be a brew weekend! We want as many people as possible to enjoy this beer, and so decided to do a double brew on our (Ilkley’s) larger kit. Due to the unique nature of the style, a kettle sour, our kit was pushed to its limits, testing the creativity and experience of both brewing teams. Fun times were had, and as the beer developed it was clear we were on to a winner. We are going to be canning this hoppy, tart treat, with a limited amount available in keg too.

Distribution will initially be via Beer52 in June’s beer-box. Look out for launch party details via social media @ilkleybrewery / @northbrewco we’ll have a limited quantity of cans and kegs available for selected customers - please contact both breweries to make inquiries.