22 Aug 2018


We have received reports of issues with a single batch of The Mayan, in can. We instructed our packaging partners to investigate their samples from this batch, and sent samples of our own from remaining stock in our warehouse for laboratory testing. We also tested for defects in the cans themselves, and for any potential causes for changes in carbonation levels. Having reviewed the results from carbonation at the checkpoints during the canning process of that batch, everything was as it should and there were no anomalies. 

However, there has clearly been an issue somewhere along the line, and whilst not every can we have opened ourselves has had a problem, some have. No-one should wear their beer, they should only enjoy drinking it. 

So before it blew up all over the place, if you’ll excuse the phrase, we put an immediate stop on sales of The Mayan from batch L345 (BBE 12.18). 

We stopped short of a full product recall for two reasons: 

First of all, we have found from our own tests, the proportion of good cans is extremely high. The beer is tasty and we just don’t countenance pouring away perfectly good beer. Currently, the number of known cans with an issue equates to less than 0.6% of the batch in question.

Secondly, we work with 3rd parties to package our beer, and so reaching an instant conclusion as to the cause of this issue isn’t within our direct control (a good argument for further investment in our own packaging… watch this space!). It could be that there was a fault in the line packaging a certain number of cases. It could be a fault with the seaming of the cans. It could be any one of a number of factors, and so before we go throwing the baby out with the Chipotle Chocolate beer, we want to be sure we have all the facts. 

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the beer in your fridge/hand/glass is as tasty as possible to bring you the most happiness possible. If there’s anything standing in the way of us delivering that promise, we need to address it. Thankfully so far all the beer that isn’t behaving at least tastes nice, but behaviour is part of it too, and so that needs to be just as right as the taste.


We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have identified a carbonation issue that affects some cans, we think due to defects in the canning process. The beer inside the can is unaffected from a microbiological point of view, so there is no infection or deterioration of taste or profile. In essence, changes in temperature, depending on storage is affecting the absorption and re-absorption of Co2. When the cans are warmed up, excess Co2 is being released from suspension and causing excessive foaming (above and beyond acceptable/expected levels). Returning to a chilled 1-4 degree state, causes the liquid to reabsorb the Co2 and tests have found conclusively that in these cases there are no cases of excess foaming.

I would add that we haven’t had reports of exploding cans or any danger to health like that, just excess foam and causing a bit of a mess. Like I said though, I’d like you to drink our beer, not wear it.

We will still refund any of our customers for returned stock if unhappiness remains, so recommend if you’re concerned about a can you have purchased to contact the shop or retailer from where it was purchased in the first instance. The batch identifier can be found printed on the base of the can. If you have an a can from an alternate batch we have had no reports of issues.