Where can I find allergen information?

All of our beers contain malted barley, many contain wheat, some oats, and a few lactose. We are a nut-free site and don’t brew any beers containing nuts. Information can always be found on every bottle or can label, and is detailed on the labels attached to casks & kegs that go to pubs/bars, so you can ask your server if you’re unsure.
Our full product list allergen information can also be viewed here

Do you sell direct to the public?

Yes, our brewery shop is open 10am-4pm Mon Fri and you can find our full range available.
We also hire handpumps and cask beer for home-parties and events.
We also run regular events, turning our beer warehouse into a temporary taproom, with street food vendors and DJs for big beery parties.

What are your delivery days into trade?

You can discuss delivery options with a member of our sales team – we try to be as flexible as possible, and we cover an area from Manchester across to York, and from Sheffield up into North Yorkshire;
Monday - Sheffield ( Fortnightly)
Tuesday - Bradford & Skipton
Wednesday - Leeds
Thursday - Leeds, York & Harrogate
Friday - Halifax, Huddersfield & area

I have a venue outside your direct delivery area, can I buy your beer?

Of course! We can either send a mixed pallet direct, or recommend a friendly wholesaler that we partner with that cover your area.
Please discuss your needs with a member of the sales team.

Do you have delivery restrictions onsite?

Yes – no articulated vehicles. Delivery hours 9am-4pm Mon-Fri. We have forklifts. We require 24hrs notice of deliveries/collections

Are your facilities accredited by external auditors?

Yes indeedy! We are SALSA+Beer accredited and in addition are a certified Marks & Spencers production facility.

I’ve heard that hops are good for gardeners – can I come to the brewery and take your used hops?

Unfortunately we have had to stop this practice, as new regulations mean we have to trace our waste products going out as well as the ingredients coming in.

What happens to your spent grain and hops?

We work with a local farmer, who collects them – the spent grain supplements his cattle feed, and the hops are enjoyed by his pigs. It turns our chickens aren’t in the least bit interested in spent grain.

What are your green credentials?

Brewing is a water-intensive operation, as it’s essential everything is sterile and clean. However, we use a heat exchange system whereby once we’ve heated up and boiled the wort as part of beer production, it is cooled by passing by cold water, which in turn heat up and then we have ready-made hot water for the next brew. Energy efficient huh? We also use recyclable kegs – these are designed for a one-way trip, cutting down on the emissions required to otherwise collect a used keg. Otherwise, we work within the constraints of the current brewing site, with an eye to efficiency wherever possible.

I am helping with/organising a charity event and would like a raffle donation, can you help?

As you can imagine, we get asked this a lot, and want to help and get involved wherever possible, but simply have a finite amount of giftpacks we can give away. Our nominated charities this year are Mind, Amnesty International and Cancer Research UK and we will be fundraising towards these charities primarily during 2019. We will make exceptions for local organisations – please get in touch via the general enquiries if you’re local or raising money for these causes.

I have a complaint about one of your beers, to whom should I direct it?

I think you have us confused with some other brewery! But if you want to speak to us about their beer anyway, please click here.

I’m selling insurance or energy supply, who is the best contact?

Well, you can try Mary Jane, but she’s pretty busy powering the nation so please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back.