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An opportunity has opened up to join the growing team at Ilkley, making Yorkshire’s Most Wanted, Mary Jane (and others!). 2019 was a year of growth and we’re at full capacity in January so will be expanding further this year. Come and join the fun!

The role includes working shifts and some weekend work, the pay is competetive, and the beer is great. You may also be required at events, Brewery Tours and Beer Festivals. Successful applicants will be expected to be able to demonstrate their brewing experience and to fit seamlessly into the brewing team as a senior and important contributor.

At Ilkley not only quality and consistency are key, but looking after health and safety is essential. A brewer’s job is to ensure that the whole process of beer production and packaging is being carried out with these aspects in mind.  In this role, you should have a firm grasp of all the various operational aspects of brewing, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brewhouse Operations (Milling, Mashing, Boiling, etc)
  • Cellar-Related Operations (Sanitation, Fermenting, Monitoring, Capping, Chilling, etc)
  • Packaging Operations (Filtering, Carbonation, Packaging, etc)
  • Quality Control Operations (Sampling, Testing, and Monitoring, etc)

Therefore you must have attention to detail, communicate effectively at all levels, have a logical approach to tasks, physically fit, and good problem solving skills.


  • Taking responsibility for raw materials and operatives.
  • Maintain the safety of work conditions, and that the brewery and machinery within is running safe and effectively.
  • Fermentation and yeast management.
  • Responsible for looking after the cleanliness of the vessels and plant equipment
  • Brewing beers to recipe, checking temperatures, and checking quality of samples and making any necessary production adjustments to fit recipes specifications.
  • Accurately recording raw materials, batch numbers, production timings, and quality checks.
  • Must have strict attention, to detail and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Preform quality checks include but not exclusive to: gravity, pH, colour, bitterness, finings test, sediment test, alcohol.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? Get in touch now fwith your CV and covering letter to tell us why your name is the one we should choose to be our next brewer.

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