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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE Ey up. These are challenging times we find ourselves in. Local businesses and employers need your support more than ever. The line between prudence and panic. Outlined below are Ilkley Brewery’s plans and responses. They will be updated as the situation progresses. 26th March 2020 CommunityWhat can we (all) do to support our National Heroes in the NHS and those isolated? It’s a hard balance for this industry, as our currency is of course beer. We decided that beer drops for NHS workers wouldn’t be appropriate just now, as many of these heroes are working back-to-back, tirelessly to

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Brewgooder Global Gathering part1

At Brewgooder they’re on a mission to end water poverty for 1m people through the power of beer… to get there they asked for a little help from their friends. This event is our unique contribution to a global campaign uniting hundreds of breweries around the world to bring 100,000 people clean drinking water in Malawi, on World Water Day 2020. We are blessed to be able to make beer with amazing, pure, Yorkshire Water, so we wanted to join forces with other Yorkshire brewers for a massive party to harness our water, to raise as much as we can

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Behind The Pint

Beer isn’t just made up of four ingredients – a lot of love goes into making every drop of our beer too. Oh, and the cleaning. And gas, electricity. We pay rent and rates of course. Then there’s packaging, transport, labour, repairs, stationary, travel, marketing and events. Plus a bit more cleaning. The elephant in the room that is the 3rd highest duty rate in the world. The cost of doing business. Wouldn’t it be great if everything was a fixed price and so we could price everything easily and consistently? Or if there were changes, wouldn’t it be great

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