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Daydreamer Believer

Be empowered by your dreams.

Dream big, drink little.

We hope you're enjoying your cold crisp lager, but as well as being alcohol-free, did you know...

It only contains 59 Calories?!

It is certified Gluten-free?

It contains Tettnang hops. Tettnanger hails from Germany and has notably more farnesene oil content giving it a soft spiciness and a subtle, balanced, floral and herbal aroma.

But lagers aren't all about the hops, they're about the way we brew and condition. We brew all of our alcohol-free beers using Stop Fermentation, which means we're not stripping anything out, we're just being extra careful and scientific with our process to make sure the sugars in the malt don't ferment. To help with body and depth - a characteristic so often lacking in mainstream alc-free lagers (and arguably in mainstream alcoholic lagers!) - we have supplemented our malt recipe with Rice hulls and flaked Maize, which contain barely any fermentable sugars.

This recipe has been a long time a-dreaming for our brewers, and so now you can sit back, daydream away with a cold one in your hand, and no worries about any nightmares the next morning!

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